• Boag's Brewery (J. Boag & Son):
    Founded in 1883, not 1881 as often claimed.
    Many reference books repeat an error which began circulating fairly soon after the firm was established.

    The Jubilee History of Tasmania (published in 1887) correctly states that Boag's began in 1883 and that the Esk Brewery on the same site had been established by C.S. Button in 1881. However, the Cyclopedia of Tasmania - Vol. 2 (pub. 1900) prints the wrong information [1881-Boag's & 1879-Button] and I suspect it is from this source that the error has been perpetuated. As far as I am aware the company learned of the mistake in 1998. Newspaper columns and a history book printed since then have clearly pointed to the error, but as yet Boag's have not altered much of their promotion and advertising material, or not that I've seen anyway.

  • John Dell: there is no evidence to support claims that he was the first to step ashore in 1806 and later build the first house in Launceston. The evidence that I've heard about (e.g. pay sheets) indicates that his arrival in 1818 was in fact his first time in this city. Two interviews with him were re-published in the local press within months of his death. Neither makes any reference to him ever claiming to have been the first European settler of the district.

  • Johnstone & Wilmot: W. Johnstone's Stores were established on the site in 1842 (Wilmot joining the company in 1874) and remained there until 1971. It has been long felt that the building on the corner of St John and Cimitiere Streets was therefore constructed in 1842.

    However, a survey map of the city drawn in 1835 shows a building already on that site. I wonder if it is the one which used to house the Community History Department of the Queen Victoria Museum?

  • A number of newspapers have been published in the city. Among the longer running ones are:
    Launceston Advertiser 1829-1846
    Cornwall Chronicle 1835-1880
    [Launceston] Examiner 1842-present
    [Daily] Telegraph 1881-1928
    Weekly Courier 1901-1935
    Saturday Evening Express 1924-1984
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