This listing shows the people who have been inducted into the Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame since it was established in 2005.

Please note that this page has no connection with any official football body in Tasmania such as Football Tasmania (aka AFL Tasmania), but is presented simply as a matter of interest to assist further research into the sport of Australian Football.

Abbott, Gordon Lefroy, Geelong, Essendon Player 2005
Armstrong, Matthew Hobart, Fitzroy, North Melbourne, North Launceston Player 2005
Atkins, Noel Hobart, North Launceston, Launceston Player 2005
Atkins, Simon Wynyard, Footscray, Fitzroy Player 2006
Atkinson, James Fitzroy, Lefroy Player 2005
Atwell, Bill Hobart radio stations Media 2006
Austin, Ken Sandy Bay, TFL Volunteer/Administrator 2007
Bailey, Roy Lefroy Player 2005
Baldock, Darrel East Devonport, Latrobe, St Kilda, New Norfolk Player 2005
Barwick, Doug East Launceston, Fitzroy, Collingwood, South Launceston Player 2006
Barwick, Victor Queenstown, St Kilda Player 2005
Bennett, Andy South Adelaide, Hawthorn, St Kilda, Sandy Bay Coach 2007
Berryman, Bill Devonport, Burnie, New Town, South Melbourne Player 2005
Biffin, Ray North Launceston, Melbourne Player 2006
Bingley, John City, Clarence, East Devonport, St Kilda Player 2005
Bond, Chris Wynyard, North Hobart, Carlton, Richmond, Fremantle Player 2006
Brown, Max Ulverstone, Devonport Overall Contribution 2007
Cameron, Hugh City/City-South Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Carter, Bruce Mersey, North Launceston, Cananore Coach 2005
Carter, Noel Ulverstone, Richmond, South Fremantle Player 2007
Cashion, Terry New Town, South Melbourne, Sandy Bay, Longford Player 2005
Cazaly, Roy St Kilda, South Melbourne, City, Preston, North Hobart, New Town, Camberwell Coach 2005
Challis, George Launceston, Carlton Player 2005
Charlesworth, Jack Cananore Player 2005
Chick, John New Town, Glenorchy, Carlton Player 2005
Chilcott, Albert Longford, North Launceston Player 2005
Chugg, Dale George Town, North Launceston Player 2007
Clark, Don Lefroy, TFL admin Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Clarke, Noel North Launceston, Melbourne, New Norfolk Player 2006
Clayton, Scott Hobart, Fitzroy Player 2005
Conlan, Neil New Town, Devonport Player 2005
Connell, Jock City, Longford Player 2005
Cooper, Athol Launceston, NTFA Volunteer/Administrator 2007
Cooper, Roy Launceston Player 2005
Cox, Berkley City/City-South, Carlton Player 2005
Cresswell, Darryn North Hobart, Sydney Player 2005
Crosswell, Brent Carlton, North Melbourne, Melbourne Player 2005
Daniel, Peter Essendon, North Launceston, City-South Coach 2005
Davidson, Gary Richmond, Geelong, Glenorchy, North Hobart Coach 2006
Davis, Craig Launceston, Carlton, North Melbourne, Collingwood, Sydney Player 2005
Deane, Colin Launceston, New Town, Melbourne, St Kilda Player 2005
Devine, John Geelong, North Hobart Player 2005
Dickenson, Keith New Town, Glenorchy Volunteer/Administrator 2006
Donnelly, Jack Burnie, Launceston, The Advocate, The Examiner Media 2005
Drake, Ian City, St Kilda Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Dunn, Jack North Hobart, Devonport, Longford Player 2005
Eade, Brian Glenorchy, TFL Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Eade, Rodney Glenorchy, Hawthorn, Brisbane, Sydney, Western Bulldogs Player 2005
Eaton, Darrel North Hobart, Wynyard, Devonport Player 2005
Fagan, Chris Hobart, Sandy Bay, Devonport Overall Contribution 2007
Febey, Stephen Devonport, Melbourne Player 2005
Fellows, Terry NTFUA Umpire 2005
Fielding, Bill Penguin Player 2005
Fitzallen, John Longford Player 2006
Flanagan, Martin The Examiner, The Age Media 2007
Fletcher, Adrian Glenorchy, Geelong, St Kilda, Brisbane, Fremantle Player 2005
Floyd, Peter TFLUA Umpire 2005
Fox, Wayne Glenorchy, Footscray, New Norfolk, Hobart, South Launceston, Sandy Bay Player 2007
Fyle, Les New Town, TFLUA Umpire/Administrator 2007
Gale, Brendon Burnie, Richmond Player 2005
Gale, Don Wynyard, Hobart, Burnie Player 2005
Gale, Michael Penguin, Fitzroy, Richmond Player 2005
Gardiner, Jack Carlton, Melbourne, Cananore Player 2005
Garwood, Rex New Town, New Norfolk Player 2005
Gorringe, Horrie Cananore Player 2005
Grant, David City-South, St Kilda, Melbourne Player 2005
Greening, John Cooee, Collingwood, Penguin, City-South, East Devonport Player 2007
Hamley, Graeme TFLUA Umpire 2005
Hart, Royce Clarence, Richmond, Glenelg, Footscray Player 2005
Hartnett, Pat Cananore, North Launceston, St Kilda, Brighton Player 2005
Hawksley, John North Launceston Player 2005
Hayes, Ivan Ike Longford Player 2007
Hayes, Len APPM, Wynyard, Cooee Player 2007
Hill, Jack Launceston, North Launceston, Umpire Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Hinds, Jack East Launceston, NTFUA Umpire 2006
Hodgson, Arthur Ulverstone, Carlton Player 2005
Howell, Verdun City, St Kilda Player 2005
Hudson, Paul Hobart, Hawthorn, Footscray, Richmond Player 2005
Hudson, Peter New Norfolk, Hawthorn, Glenorchy Player 2005
Hunnibell, Graham North Launceston, Melbourne, New Norfolk, Clarence Player 2006
Huxtable, Eric New Town, Carlton Player 2005
Hyland, Nigel TFLUA Umpire 2006
James, Des Sandy Bay Player 2005
Jeffery, Scott TFLUA, AFLUA Umpire 2007
Johnson, Robert Tassie North Launceston, Melbourne Player 2005
Jones, Peter North Hobart, Carlton Player 2005
Kremerskothen, Stean Launceston, Clarence, North Launceston Player 2007
Lane, Tim ABC Radio & TV Media 2005
Lawrence, Barry Longford, St Kilda Player 2005
Leary, Noel Ulverstone, Melbourne, Sandy Bay, Clarence Player 2005
Lee, Graeme Wynyard, St Kilda, Launceston, East Devonport Player 2005
Leedham, John North Launceston, North Hobart Player 2005
Leeson, Allan The Advocate Media 2005
Leitch, Alan New Town, Carlton Player 2005
Leitch, William TFL Volunteer/Administrator 2007
Leo, Trevor Cooee, Hobart, Launceston, New Norfolk Player 2005
Lethborg, Greg Scottsdale Player 2005
Ling, Danny Glenorchy Player 2005
Linton, Gary Glenorchy, Latrobe, Sandy Bay Player 2007
Littler, HK Joe Launceston, Mersey, South Melbourne, Yeoman Player 2006
Long, Geoff City/City-South Player 2005
Long, Harry Launceston, Lefroy, Melbourne Player 2005
Lowe, Brian City, Geelong, Cooee, East Launceston Player 2005
Luttrell, Gavin Lefroy, North Launceston Coach 2005
Lynch, Alistair Wynyard, Hobart, Fitzroy, Brisbane Player 2005
Maney, Ellis Ulverstone, Latrobe Coach 2006
Manson, James North Hobart, Collingwood, Fitzroy Player 2007
Manson, Les TFLUA Umpire 2005
Marquis, Peter Devonport, North Hobart, Melbourne Player 2005
Martin, GB Paddy Launceston, Ulverstone, Burnie, NWFU Coach 2005
Martyn, Tony Sandy Bay, Melbourne, Port Adelaide Player 2006
Mason, Horrie North Hobart, St Kilda Player 2005
Matthews, Ernie NTFUA Umpire 2006
McAuley, Leo Launceston Coach 2005
McCarthy, Warren Putt Cooee, Penguin Coach 2006
McGinis, Fred City [Hobart], Melbourne Player 2005
McLean, Kevin North Launceston Player 2005
McMurray, Jack jnr VFL, TFL Umpire 2005
McPherson, Stephen Clarence, Footscray Player 2005
McQuestin, David TNT-9 television, Radio 7EX Media 2006
Metherell, Jack Geelong, North Hobart Coach 2005
Miller, Bob Fitzroy, City/City-South Coach 2005
Miller, George North Hobart Volunteer/Administrator 2005
Moore, Colin North Hobart, Penguin, Wynyard Player 2005
Nash, Laurie City, South Melbourne, Camberwell Player 2005
Neal, Robert Wynyard, Geelong, St Kilda Player 2005
Noonan, Danny Clarence, Brisbane Player 2007
O Dea, JA Gavin NWFU admin Volunteer/Administrator 2005
O Niell, Kerry Wynyard Volunteer/Administrator 2006
Parsons, Bob New Town, Penguin, Glenorchy Player 2006
Paton, Ian Hawthorn, South Launceston Player 2005
Payne, Burnie Hobart, St Kilda Player 2005
Poulter, Geoff The Mercury, Herald Sun Media 2005
Pringle, Fred Cananore, Carlton Player 2005
Pritchard, Darrin Sandy Bay, Hawthorn Player 2005
Pye, Len North Hobart, New Norfolk, Fitzroy, Northcote Player 2005
Rae, Vern Lefroy, North Hobart Player 2005
Rait, Alan North Hobart, Footscray Player 2005
Ranson, Trevor Launceston, St Kilda, Scottsdale Player 2005
Rawson, Neil Ulverstone, NWFU, NTFL Volunteer/Administrator 2006
Reid, Noel North Hobart Player 2006
Richardson, Matthew Devonport, Richmond Player 2005
Ride, Wally City (Launceston) Player 2007
Ringrose, Roy Brunswick, North Launceston, Longford, East Launceston, Burnie, NWFU Volunteer/Administrator 2007
Roach, Michael Longford, Richmond Player 2005
Robertson, Colin Wynyard, Hawthorn, Burnie Player 2005
Ross, Jim St Kilda, North Launceston Player 2005
Rough, Jack New Town, Ulverstone, Glenorchy Coach 2005
Saltmarsh, Graeme Chum Ulverstone, NWJFU Overall Contribution 2006
Scott, Alan North Launceston, Cananore, St Kilda, New Town Player 2005
Scott, Don North Launceston, Cananore Player 2005
Shanahan, Jamie Hobart, St Kilda, Melbourne Player 2007
Sharp, Lerrel Scottsdale, Collingwood, North Launceston Player 2005
Shaw, Robert Sandy Bay, Essendon, Fitzroy, Adelaide Coach 2005
Smith, Fred North Launceston Player 2005
Smith, Garth Ulverstone, Burnie, New Norfolk, Hobart Player 2006
Smith, Hec Cananore, Launceston, Longford, City Player 2005
Smith, Ricky Longford, Penguin, Wynyard, Smithton Player 2005
Spencer, Stuart Melbourne, Clarence Player 2005
Sproule, Paul Hobart, Sandy Bay, Essendon, Richmond Player 2005
Stewart, Ian Hobart, St Kilda, Richmond Player 2005
Stockdale, David The Mercury Media 2007
Stokes, Ray Burnie, Richmond Player 2006
Strange, Barry Glenorchy, Penguin, Wynyard Player 2005
Summers, Ray Rattler North Launceston, East Devonport Player 2005
Sutton, Daryl Glenorchy, North Melbourne Player 2005
Turner, Ted Clarence, TFL Volunteer/Administrator 2006
Tynan, Algy Launceston Player 2005
Tyson, Ronald City, NTFA Volunteer/Administrator 2006
Valentine, Viv Launceston, Latrobe, Mersey, Carlton Player 2005
Vautin, George City (Hobart), Essendon Player 2007
Viney, George City/City-South, South Launceston Volunteer/Sports Trainer 2005
Viney, Royce Latrobe, NWFU Volunteer/Administrator 2007
Wade, Scott Hobart, Hawthorn, Clarence Player 2006
Walsh, Paddy Legerwood, City, Essendon Player 2005
Walsh, Peter ABC Radio Media 2005
Warne-Smith, Ivor Melbourne, Latrobe Player 2005
Webb, Athol Scottsdale, Melbourne, East Launceston Player 2006
Welsh, Keith The Mercury Media 2005
Westell, Ian Sandy Bay Player 2006
Wilkinson, Graeme Melbourne, Richmond, City-South Player 2007
Williams, Jim Dodger Launceston Player 2006
Williams, Paul North Hobart, Collingwood, Sydney Player 2005
Wilson, Greg NWUA Umpire 2005
Withers, Bob Port Melbourne, North Launceston, Launceston Player 2005
Wright, Graeme East Devonport, Collingwood, Burnie Player 2005
Young, Tony Chang North Launceston Overall Contribution 2006
Zschech, Eric Lefroy, Sandy Bay, Richmond Player 2005