The winners and leading vote-getters for the individual player award. Some spent their whole career locally, others will be recognised as VFL players, or from varied mainland leagues.

Here are the match details for some of the Grand Finals played in the NTFA during the association's history. At present I have loaded the seasons 1929, 1931-32, 1949-50 and 1957-67.

If you're interested in basic scores and goalkicking efforts for particular seasons,
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I've also done another season in a slightly different way as listed below:

A unique season - Scottsdale going through unbeaten. Includes basic details like major goal-scoring efforts and best players in each match for entire senior competition.

Representative Games 1886-1949
The final scores of matches between local northern sides and visiting mainland teams, including VFL, SANFL and WAFL clubs.

Note that many publications over the years have incorrectly listed various match scores claiming they were NTFA Grand Finals. In fact they were simply roster matches at the end of or near the end of a particular season, and the premier team was declared to hold that title due to number of wins or points gained during overall season.
1886 City: no GF played
1887 City: no GF played
1888 Launceston d South Launceston
1889 Launceston: no GF played
1890 City: no GF played
1891 City: no GF played
1892 Launceston: no GF played
1893 Launceston d City
1894 Launceston: no GF played
1895 City: no GF played
1896 no senior competition played in my opinion
1897 no senior competition played in my opinion
1898 no senior competition played in my opinion
1899 Launceston d North Launceston
1900 Launceston d City
1901 North Launceston: no GF played
1902 City: no GF played
1903 City: no GF played
1904 North Launceston: no GF played
1905 North Launceston d Launceston
1906 North Launceston: no GF played
1907 City: no GF played
1908 City: no GF played
1909 Launceston: no GF played
1910 City d North Launceston
1911 North Launceston d City
1912 North Launceston: no GF played
1913 Launceston: no GF played
1914 City: no GF played
1915 season began but later ceased - World War I
1916 season cancelled - World War I
1917 season cancelled - World War I
1918 season cancelled - World War I
1919 season began but later ceased - influenza epidemic
1920 Launceston: no GF played
1921 City d North Launceston
1922 City: no GF played
1923 North Launceston: no GF played
1924 Launceston d City
1925 North Launceston d Launceston
1926 Launceston d City
1927 North Launceston d Launceston
1928 City d North Launceston
1929 Launceston d North Launceston
1930 City d Launceston
1931 North Launceston d Longford
1932 City d North Launceston
1933 Launceston d City
1934 Launceston d North Launceston
1935 Launceston d North Launceston
1936 Launceston d North Launceston
1937 Launceston d North Launceston
1938 Launceston d City
1939 City d North Launceston
1940 Launceston d Longford
1941 City d North Launceston
1942 season cancelled - World War II
1943 season cancelled - World War II
1944 season cancelled - World War II
1945 Launceston d North Launceston
1946 North Launceston d City
1947 North Launceston d City
1948 North Launceston d Launceston
1949 North Launceston d Launceston
1950 North Launceston d City
1951 Launceston d City
1952 City d Scottsdale
1953 City d Longford
1954 City d Launceston
1955 Longford d City
1956 City d North Launceston
1957 Longford d Launceston
1958 Longford d North Launceston
1959 City-South d Longford
1960 City-South d North Launceston
1961 North Launceston d Longford
1962 City-South d Longford
1963 North Launceston d Longford
1964 Scottsdale d City-South
1965 Scottsdale d North Launceston
1966 City-South d Scottsdale
1967 East Launceston d North Launceston
1968 Scottsdale d Launceston
1969 Launceston d East Launceston
1970 Scottsdale d Launceston
1971 Scottsdale d City-South
1972 City-South d Launceston
1973 Scottsdale d North Launceston
1974 City-South d Scottsdale
1975 North Launceston d Scottsdale
1976 Launceston d North Launceston
1977 Scottsdale d North Launceston
1978 North Launceston d Launceston
1979 North Launceston d Scottsdale
1980 North Launceston d City-South
1981 North Launceston d Launceston
1982 Scottsdale d Launceston
1983 North Launceston d Longford
1984 Scottsdale d Launceston
1985 Launceston d North Launceston
1986 Scottsdale d Longford


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