This page relates to the early development of football in the town of Launceston, Tasmania.
Articles and ads found in the local press are shown as they appeared in 1867.
Two newspapers existed at the time: the Launceston Examiner which published on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the Cornwall Chronicle which published on a Wednesday and Saturday.
Items from each are indicated by LEx or CC.
Date Published Paper Article Content
(Sat) April 13th CC The members of the Football Club are to meet in the classroom of the Mechanics Institute, on Tuesday evening next, at half past seven, to make arrangements for the ensuing season.
(Tue) April 16th LEx advertisement
FOOTBALL - The members of the Football Club will please to meet in the Class Room of the Mechanics Institute THIS EVENING at half-past seven, to make arrangements for the coming season.
Geo C Israel Secretary.
(Wed) April 17th CC At a meeting of the Football Club held at the Mechanics Institute yesterday evening, Mr George Israel in the chair, a committee of management was appointed, consisting of Messrs Abraham Barrett, Henry Stewart, Frederick Haymes, Lewis Johnstone, and GC Israel; the latter Secretary and Treasurer. It was decided that the Club should abide by the rules of the Melbourne club with a few modifications. Subscriptions for members, one shilling. The first match of the season will be played on Saturday the 27th instant.
(Sat) June 15th CC The Football Club resume their match today on the Windmill Hill.
(Tue) June 18th LEx A football match came off on Saturday, on the Windmill Hill, between nine of the XYZ Club and nine “all comers,” the latter gaining the victory. Mr Barrett acted as captain of the XYZ and Mr H Stewart as captain of the “all comers.” Another match is on the board - “the gymnasts v all comers” - for next Saturday.
(Tue) July 2nd LEx The football match of Saturday week was not resumed on Saturday last in consequence of many members being absent: but a scratch match was made up, and pursued with some energy until dusk. Only one goal was made during the game. The ball got out of order and one or two gentlemen kindly turned to “snobbing” and mended it. A new one is wanted, and members, who are in arrears will do well to bring their subscriptions on Saturday next.
(Thur) July 11th LEx A football match was played on Windmill Hill on Saturday. A new ball had been purchased, and stood the kicking very well. Not a single goal was made during the afternoon.
(Sat) July 13th CC The football match fixed for today, between the Gymnasts, and All-comers, is postponed.
(Sat) July 13th LEx The football match will not come off today. It has been postponed in consequence of the funeral of the late Dr Maddox.
(Tue) July 30th LEx A football match took place on the Windmill Hill on Saturday. The weather being fine there were many spectators present. Only one goal was made and that was something like a “fluke.”
(Tue) August 6th LEx A football match was played on Saturday afternoon on the Windmill Hill between the Gymnasts and All-comers. The weather was all that could have been desired. The first goal was made by the Gymnasts - but was disputed - who kicked the ball through the goal on the summit of the hill. A most exciting scuffle took place near the goal. The ball, however, got a smart kick from one of the Gymnasts which would have sent it fairly through the flags, but one of the All-comers struck the ball with his hand, and it was reflected in a different direction; but it still went through the flags. It was contended by some that it was necessary in order to make a fair goal that the ball should pass through the flags from a kick by the opposing side. Others contended that if the ball be driven through by any means saving that of a throw the goal is made. Of course the whole question depends on the rules of the Club. The gymnasts had the strongest side from the outset, but towards the close of the game all the best “all comers” left the ground, and the champion of gymnasts, after the first goal had been made, to get the ball in the rear of the “all comers” (then assembled about midway between the goals), and rush it through. It was nearly successful.
(Sat) August 17th LEx An attempt will be made today to conclude the football match between the Gymnasts and All-comers. The weather will probably be fine, and it is hoped that the attendance will be good.
(Tue) August 20th LEx similar to CC report for August 21st
(Wed) August 21st CC A well contested game of football was played on the Windmill Hill, on Saturday last, Mr H Stewart officiating as captain of one team and Mr Hamilton of the other. Mr Stewart’s team made three goals to Mr Hamilton’s one.
(Tue) August 27th LEx A football match was played on the Windmill Hill on Saturday. The team captained by Mr Crossingham made two goals, and that captained by Mr Israel made one.
(Sat) September 7th LEx A football match will be played on the Windmill Hill today, weather permitting. This will be the final one for the season.
(Tue) September 10th LEx The final football match of the season took place on Victoria Square on Saturday. The team captained by Mr Stewart made five goals, and that captained by Mr Israel made three.
Note that Victoria Square is another name for the open area on Windmill Hill. As 1867 was the 30th year of Queen Victoria’s reign, perhaps the site had recently been re-named in honour of her anniversary.