This page links to research into the history of Australian Football, especially in Tasmania.

Roy Cazaly snr (first-class career: 1911-24, 1926-36, 1941)
Long-held beliefs about the number of games (and years) he played has been greatly over-stated. Instead of the 429 games often quoted - the true figure is about 380. This page links to the overall summary of his career, season by season details, plus the match by match detail of his career in Tasmania. Roy Cazaly senior did not play first-class football after World War Two.

Roy Cazaly junior
Played a few first-class matches for New Town in 1947-48-49-50.

Harry Coventry
Coventry played senior football in North West Coast competitions in the earlier part of the 20th Century. His tally of career games is being researched in detail. The total is less than half the figure which has been published in the past. Any claim that he played about 500 matches of senior football is untrue.

Laurie Nash
Nash played 55 matches for teams based in Tasmania and 5 for the state side. Many publications and websites incorrectly claim that Nash played 4 times for Tas. Other figures usually given for his City and NTFA matches are also wrong. The detailed match-by-match list is available via the link shown here.

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