This page links to my research into cricket around the world, both at national and international level.

For example, collecting details of all the 'over-the-boundary' hits in Test cricket since 1877 is an ongoing pursuit. I hope to regularly update the lists and information as research continues. A wider range of fast and slow scoring performances will also be added when the opportunity arises.

Test Match 6s

Read details of six-hitting batsmen, and the bowlers who have suffered the most

Test Match batting in general

Read details of fast-scoring batsmen, and the record breaking efforts by JH Sinclair and Ian Botham.

First-Class Cricket

Research into pre-lunch 100s which adds information for some already listed in standard reference works. Also shows a few that are listed in those books but ought never have been - they simply didn't take place!

Tables showing the batsmen leading the list of over-the-boundary hits - "sixers" - in various domestic seasons has recently been added. Perhaps you'll be surprised by one or two entries e.g. John Edrich in England in 1965. Other names like Bonnor, Jessop, Botham, Cairns, Hookes, Sehwag, Symonds, Hick and Richards will be more expected.

Details of fast scoring by the present Australian 'keeper.

WG Grace
A summary of WG Grace's first-class career figures as I believe they should be listed (119 centuries not 126). Briefly shows the reasons why my views differ from Wisden, Frindall, Cricinfo and the ACSH.

A research project in progress: extended details for the great batsman GL Jessop, includes speed of scoring and boundary hits.

Details of fast scoring by the great New Zealand tail-end hitter Lance Cairns.

Hookes (under construction)
Details of fast scoring by David Hookes during his Test debut season, and in the twilight of his career.

I have also listed some details of Ted Alletson's brief batting career prior to First World War.

Test Match batting records
(under construction)

Check out the details of who has scored the fastest or slowest 50, 100 etc. for the various countries.

NTCA seasons
I'm gradually going to add some potted scores for my local Tasmanian competition - the NTCA. A few rounds from 1909-10, 1965-66 and 1975-76 start us off.

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