My name is Ross Smith and I live in Launceston, Tasmania.
Whilst sport history is the main focus, some local history also features.

FOOTBALL (updated: 27 April 2015) The Australian Football pages include:

Caretaker Coaches in VFL/AFL 1920-2014
Confirms why M Malthouse became the new "most games coached" record-holder in Round 4 this year [ 25 April 2015 ],
beating J McHale's tally of 713.

The Champion of the Colony award never existed.

Proof that the Melbourne Football Club was founded in 1859, not 1858.

CRICKET (updated: 31st August 2008)

[most recent update: Test Match over-the-boundary hits]
Over-the-boundary hits (including 6s) in Tests and national competitions. No sixes hit in World XI matches have been added to my Test lists. Plus a detailed look at the disputed career figures for WG Grace.

Note: there is no information about 20/20 matches on this site.

HISTORY NOTES (updated: 11th Nov 2007)

Notes about Launceston history, including evidence which proves the
J Boag & Son company was founded in 1883, not 1881 and certainly not 1853.

After all, the "Son" in the company name wasn't born until 1854!!


A page looking at horse racing, tennis and shinty, and other sports which will be added as I get the chance.

Grandfather of Australian Federation

Look here for notes on a special history book about Rev John West, a major figure in 19th Century Colonial Australia, and someone who arguably deserves to be known as the "Grandfather of Australian Federation"